What People Are Saying


Thank you Carl and FUSE team it has been an amazing journey and we are very excited about the upcoming performances. Our son just opened up so much since he started FUSE in many many ways. The love of FUSE helped him to develop responsibility, more focus and team work skills. The whole family just loves listening to his drumming and we are so amazed in a short while how much he improved! Thank you very much! We recommend this amazing instrument to anyone and especially for those who have children with lots of energy!

R Nemedi

We are so impressed with Fuse Drumming. Our daughter begs us to enrol her each term and she loves practicing her drumming at home as well. It was great that they got to take part in a public drumming show as part of the busking festival. Thanks Tanya for your great teaching and your enthusiasm for drumming!

M Hoskin

My son has struggled with bad eye sight in one eye, co-ordination, and concentration due to being diagnosed with adhd, asd and dyslexia. Since starting Fuse it has been an amazing journey as his sight has improved and his co-ordination is so much better that now he can play cricket and last term he was told he was the most improved player. Drumming uses both sides of the brain and it gives me tears to see my son so happy playing his drums or even the beats when we are out shopping as this has helped his anxiety being out in public. Thank you so much for your support, I don’t think you realise how much fuse has changed my childs life for the better.


My son started Fuse drumming two years ago. Fuse drumming has brought him great confidence. Also, it has helped him improve the ability of focus and cooperation with other team members. It is a great way to learn how to work with others harmoniously.


I like going to Fuse Drumming because it's heaps of fun and I really like drumming. I like learning all the different songs and playing with my friends.


I want to challenge myself in different things and drumming is one of my talents. It’s fun learning the beats!

Cameron (age 8)

Fuse has helped to develop our sons love for music. It has been great to watch him grow in confidence as a young person, and enjoy the benefits of a team environment. Carl and his team are fantastic mentors!