Check out the following FAQ’s. If you’re still stuck, contact us 


What size bucket should I use and where can I buy one?

We use 20L plastic buckets from any hardware store. The quality can vary so look for a solid plastic that won’t crack easily.

How do I set up my bucket?

To see how to set up a bucket properly, refer to the instructional video after login.

What is the different coloured tape for on the bucket?

The colours on the bucket correspond to the colours of our music notation. You strike the bucket where the colour is shown to get the desired sound. The colours represent parts of a drum kit. Red is the bass, blue is the snare and green is the high hat.

Do I need to have the coloured tape on my buckets?

it’s not compulsory as the tape doesn’t make any difference to the sound but we do recommend it because it makes learning easier and you will make faster progress.

What is the rubber strip and where can I buy one?

The rubber strip is pushed on top of the rim of the bucket and taped on (under the green tape). You will only need about 10cm of rubber and it is available at most hardware stores.

What should I sit on while I’m drumming on my bucket?

We use another bucket to sit on. You can use a small chair or anything else of similar height. You don’t want to be higher than the bucket though.

How can I make my drumsticks last longer?

We tape our drumsticks with duct tape about a third of the way down from just beneath the tip. It will definitely increase the life of your sticks.

Can I make my bucket louder for performances?

Yes, we use pool noodles (cut into approximately 20cm lengths and then cut through the length of one side). Push it onto the base of your bucket to elevate the side closest to you, this will make it louder.

How can I stop my bucket from sliding around when I’m drumming on it?

Place your feet either side of the bucket to secure it in place.