Fuse Drumming is a fast evolving bucket drumming programme that is taking the world by storm

Our lessons are fun and engaging, and designed to have students learning our concepts quickly and easily, and performing within a term. Over the years we have had many requests for access to our sought after material, so we decided it was time to develop things further so we could provide FUSE to anyone worldwide.

FUSE Drumming is available online as monthly subscriptions for teachers or individuals and you can trial it free for 10 days!

Classes are also available at selected schools in New Zealand. Click here to find out if we’re at your school. With FUSE now going international, we are planning to have school groups and individuals enter into online competitions, where they can upload their video recording to qualify for group or individual of the month and year. We believe FUSE Drumming will be the No. 1 bucket drumming education in the world!